16 mm

Liten och lätt

Den nya 16mm bildförstärkarrör med PHOTONIS har utformats för att möta de nya krav för växlingsutrymme i moderna arméerna: minskad storlek, vikt och minimal strömförbrukning, fortfarande med state-of-the-art prestanda.

The weight of the 16mm Image Intensifier Tube has been reduced by 35 grams compared to standard ANVIS 18mm tube while its volume size has been reduced by 40%.

The 16mm Image Intensifier Tube of PHOTONIS is available with an integrated Auto-Gated power supply. Auto-Gating constantly operates to improve the quality of the image. Not only during day-night-day transitions but also under dynamic lighting conditions, such as military operations in urban terrain which define many of today's missions.


Limiting resolution 60 — 70lp/mm
MTF (Modulation Transfer Function)
2.5 lp/mm 92%
7.5 lp/mm 80%
15 lp/mm 58%
25 lp/mm 42%
30 lp/mm 35%
Signal to Noise Ratio
(@108µlx) 19 — 25
Auto-Gating Power Supply Unit
Voltage 2 — 3.5V
Luminance dynamic range 1×10-6 — 5×103lux
Other Technical Data
MTTF 10000h
Gain (108µlx) 7000 — 15000cd/m²/lx
Max. Output Brightness 3 — 12cd/m²
E.B.I. 0.25µlx
Luminous sensitivity (2850K) 550 — 750µA/lm
Radiant sensitivity (830nm)40 — 65mA/W
Output uniformity (2850K) 3:1
Shock resistance 500G
Weight 45 — 52g