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Dedal Illuminators

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Dedal IR illuminators

IR illuminators are used to light up an object of observation through a night vision device under conditions of extremely low light or in absolute darkness.

  • Long range of the lighting
  • Regulation of field of the lighting
  • Adjustment of the power of illumination
  • Possibility to use with any night vision scopes (owing to autonomous power and special assembly place delivered as a unit)
  • Absolutely hazard-free IR diode illuminator 75 mW.
  • Attention! The direct sight of an IR laser illuminator 50 mW, 200 mW and 250 mW can be dangerous. The rules of use of such type illuminator should be regulated by rules of the country of the Buyer.


    General IR 75-A, IR 75-B, IR 75-C, IR 75-D, IR 150 IRL 50, 200 IRL 250
    Type of source IR diode IR laser IR laser
    Power [mW] 75, 150 50, 200 250
    Wavelength [nm] 805
    Field of illuminator [deg] 5 — 20 4 — 16
    Dimensions [mm] 185×22×27 mod. A,
    112×39×27 mod. B,
    130×22×28 mod. C,
    144×28×30 mod. D
    144×28×30 mod.150
    Weight (+Case) [g] 130
    Power supply AA —2 pc×1.5 V (mod. A, B),
    CR-123 —1pc×3V (mod. C, D)
    AA —2 pc×1.5 V CR123A —1 pc×3.0 V
    Batterylife [h] 1-7 15, 3-5 3-5
    Temperature [°C] -40 — 50