Lahoux D-545


Den Lahoux D-545 er et nattsyn som monteres på en vanlig sikte.

The Lahoux D-545 is a multipurpose nightvision attachment for a daytime scope. By installation with an adapter the Lahoux D-545 can be turned into an attachment that can be attached to various kinds of optical devices e.g. binoculars, hunting optics, video camera’s. This will allow you to use these devices at nighttime.


  • Nattlig ettersøk i jakttider / observasjon
  • Patruljering og området beskyttelse
  • Funksjoner

  • En montert Lahoux D-545 foran en dagtid Kikkertsikte påvirker ikke på dennes nullstilling
  • Holder alle taktiske kapasiteter på en dag Kikkertsikte intakt
  • Spesialdesignet kveldstid, high contrast (HC), Schott optikk
  • Indre objektiv fokus (fra 10m til uendelig)
  • Høy kvalitet innen hele synsfeltet
  • Photonis DEP 0, Supergen, XD-4™ or XR5™ (Onyx option available) bilde intensifier rør
  • Weaver rail til å feste en valgfri Laser lyset.
  • Vanntett
  • Kompakt og moderne design
  • Lett

  • As an extra service we select Photonis DEP-0 tubes into various different categories, according to individual tube parameters and spots. In this way a wider choice becomes available to our customers.

    The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the Lahoux D-545 is from € 3.320,- including 21% VAT. We can inform you about a dealer in your area that can demonstrate the device.

    Included Accessories

    Lens tissue Quick Start

    Optional Accessories

    Adapterring Lahoux Helios Magnification Monocular


    Magnification 1.0 x
    Field of View 8.8 deg
    Objective 78mm F/1.5 τ/1.6 High Contrast
    Dimensions 194 x 67 x 63 mm
    Weight 0.55 (excl. battery) kg
    Battery 1x CR-123A
    Tube: Photonis™ GEN 2+, ECHO, ECHO Plus
    Ocular diameter 25 mm
    Lifetime battery 60-90 hours
    Accuracy < 1 MOA
    Waterproof IP67
    Guaranteed shockproof
    Two Weaver rails for accessories, e.g. a LaserLuchs illuminator
    Focus range 10 to ∞ m
    Temperature range -40 to +50 °C
    Parallax 100 m

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    IWA rapporten jeger nr 50 2013