Splash nightvision

OEM Components

Image Intensifier Tubes are opto-electronic vacuum devices that amplify very low levels of light into visible levels for the human eye.
They exist of the following parts:

  1. Photocathode. Incoming light is converted into photo-electrons
  2. Amplifier. Here the electrons get accelerated
  3. Phosphor screen. Here the electrons produce a visible image

Image Intensifier Tubes are frequently used in modern night vision equipment.
In such Image Intensifier Tubes a micro channel plate (MCP) is used to accelerate the electrons.

The Image Intensifier Tubes of Photonis are build using the following scheme:


The following Image Intensifier Tubes are manufactured using the 18-mm production line of Photonis:

XR5™, XD-4, SuperGen, Gen II Plus.

For special applications the ONYX is produced (this shows a black/white image) and a small 16 mm variant.

Disclaimer: Black spots are inherent to the production technology of nightvision tubes. In most tubes they are present. Black spots do not in any way affect the performance of the tubes.