In the SuperGen® Image Intensifier we combined the improved sensitivity of GEN II with a best-of-class resolution, signal-to-noise and MTF.

The SuperGen® tube's improved sensitivity under wider spectral conditions provides enhanced contrast under all low light level conditions.

Special technology reduces the vulnerability for burn-in effects caused by higher light levels.

The SuperGen® Image Intensifier has a guaranteed minimal Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 18 at 108 µlx and a minimum limiting resolution of 45 lp/mm.


Limiting resolution Minimum 45lp/mm
MTF (Modulation Transfer Function)
2.5 lp/mm 88%
7.5 lp/mm 70%
15 lp/mm 50%
25 lp/mm 30%
30 lp/mm 22%
Signal to Noise Ratio
(@108µlx) Minimum 18
Other Technical Data
Phosphor P20, P22, P43
MTTF 10000h
HALO 1.0mm
Gain (108µlx) 30000/pi — 55000/picd/m²/lx
Max. Output Brightness 2 — 17cd/m²
E.B.I. 0.15 — 0.25µlx
Luminous sensitivity (2850K) 500 — 600µA/lm
Radiant sensitivity (800nm)43 — 55mA/W
Radiant sensitivity (850nm)33 — 45mA/W
Output uniformity (2850K) 2:1 — 3:1
Weight (43mm) 80 — 95g
Shock resistance 500G