The introduction of the XD-4™ technology set the new European standard for low-light-level imaging.

XD-4Image Intensifiers perform extremely well in all environmental conditions. Its broad spectral sensitivity range results in a perfect picture. New production technology resulted in improved performance of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and Resolution. Add to this features like the small halo and the extended lifetime and you will be convinced of its unique performance.

The XD-4™ is also available with an autogating power supply unit.


Limiting resolution 57 — 64lp/mm
MTF (Modulation Transfer Function)
2.5 lp/mm 92%
7.5 lp/mm 80%
15 lp/mm 58%
25 lp/mm 45%
30 lp/mm 35%
Signal to Noise Ratio
(@108µlx) 20 — 23
Auto-Gating Power Supply Unit
Voltage 2 — 3.7V
Input Current 35mA
Luminance dynamic range 1×10-6 — 5×103lux
Other Technical Data
Phosphor P20, P22, P43
MTTF 15000h
HALO 0.8mm
Gain (108µlx) 30000/pi — 55000/picd/m²/lx
Max. Output Brightness 2 — 17cd/m²
E.B.I. 0.15 — 0.25µlx
Luminous sensitivity (2850K) 600 — 700µA/lm
Radiant sensitivity (800nm)50 — 60mA/W
Radiant sensitivity (850nm)40 — 50mA/W
Output uniformity (2850K) 2:1 — 3:1
Weight (43mm) 80 — 95g
Shock resistance 500G