The XR5™ Image Intensifier reveals more details of the night and offers eXtended Range capabilities.

We applied the latest technology to the XR5™, technology that enables the user to detect more details operation.

The prominent feature on the XR5™ is the integrated Auto-Gated power supply, facilitating operation under dynamic lighting conditions.

Autogating constantly operates to improve the quality of the image, not only during day-night-day transitions, but also under dynamic lighting conditions, such as military operations in urban terrain which define many of today's mission.

Our XR5™ Image Intensifier represents the new standard for night vision and is available in a variety of inverting and non-inverting 18 mm formats (form - fit - function) for existing and new optical systems.


Limiting resolution 64 — 72lp/mm
MTF (Modulation Transfer Function)
2.5 lp/mm 94%
7.5 lp/mm 85%
15 lp/mm 70%
25 lp/mm 50%
30 lp/mm 40%
Signal to Noise Ratio
(@108µlx) 25 — 28
Auto-Gating Power Supply Unit
Voltage 2 — 3.7V
Input Current 35mA
Luminance dynamic range 1×10-6 — 5×103lux
Other Technical Data
Phosphor P20, P22, P43
MTTF 15000h
HALO 0.8mm
Gain (108µlx) 30000/pi — 50000/picd/m²/lx
Max. Output Brightness 2 — 17cd/m²
E.B.I. 0.15 — 0.25µlx
Luminous sensitivity (2850K) 700 — 800µA/lm
Radiant sensitivity (800nm)65 — 78mA/W
Radiant sensitivity (850nm)50 — 65mA/W
Output uniformity (2850K) 1.8:1 — 3:1
Weight (43mm) 80 — 95g
Shock resistance 500G