Lahoux Clip


The Lahoux Clip is a multifunctional thermal imager device equipped with two kinds of eyepiece that can be used either as a monocular or a front attachment.

Different from night vision devices based on image enhancement, Lahoux Clip doesn’t need external light source and isn’t influenced by strong light exposure. It can be used by night or in bad weather conditions such as fog, rain, smog and detect the objective through barriers such as branch, high grass, thick bush and so on. Lahoux Clip has a wide range application including night hunting, observation and terrain orientation, search and rescue operations.

System functions:

  • Quick conversion between attachment and monocular
  • Quick mounting and removal of attachment
  • Detection range above 1km
  • 1024×768 high resolution OLED display
  • Four image modes – white hot, black hot, red hot, pseudo color
  • Monocular's digital zoom: 2x ,4x
  • Type-C interface power supply and data transmission
  • Build-in Bluetooth, compass, laser, motion sensor
  • Small and compact design
  • Bluetooth remote control (optional)
  • The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the Lahoux Clip is 3.250,- including 21% VAT.

    Technical Specifications

    Resolution 300x 400
    Pixel size 17 µm
    Spectral range 8-14 µm
    Sensitivity (NETD) <50 mK
    Lens 35 mm
    Field of view (hxv) 10,66° x 8,0°
    Relative aperture F/1.2
    Video output PAL or NTSC
    Display OLED, 1024x 768
    Operational Parameters
    Operating temperature range -30°C to 50°C
    Environmental Rating IP67
    Power supply 2x CR123 battery
    Battery life 3h (continuous operation)
    Dimensions 150 x 52 x 57 mm
    Weight 0,400 kg

    DRI Values

    Calculated according to the Johnson Criteria for a man sized target with a critical dimension of 1,8 x 0,5 meter. Detection, Recognition and Identification are defined for an image of respectively 1.5, 6 and 12 pixels on the image sensor.