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DH 5-20x56


The DH5-20x56 is day sight, designed especially for medium to long range, high accuracy shooting.

The large lens aperture provides you a large exit pupil, for convenient aiming with high magnifications. The reticle has a fixed size, so it will not obstruct your view. The reticle further features 7-step ajustable illumination, for shooting from dawn till dusk.The sight is equipped with an automatic level indicator in the field of view, to aid in making high-precision shots in difficult terrain, such as mountain areas.
The sight is designed to withstand heavy recoil, which makes it suitable for use with lage calibres, including .375 H&H, .338LM and .50BMG.


  • Multi-layer lens coatings
  • No image distortion, regardless magnification factor
  • High image contrast
  • No color fringing
  • Wide field of view
  • Large exit pupil
  • High range and accuracy of aiming reticle adjustments
  • 7-step brightness control for the Mil-Dot reticle
  • Electronic level indication
  • Suitable for use with heavy calibres (.50)
  • Waterproof (IPX 7)
  • Caractéristiques

    Grossissement 5-20x
    Champ de vision 4.0-0.9°
    Objectif 56mm
    Distance dégagement oculaire 100mm
    Correction dioptrique +3, -3D
    Dimensions (- mount)386x85x83mm
    Poids (+ mount)0.86kg
    Alimentation 3 Volt CR2032
    Conditions de travail
    Température -50 °C - +50 °C°C
    Humidité relative <98%