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The ClipIR® is a small Clip-On Thermal Imager*

The ClipIR® extends the capability of Image Intensifier (I2) Night Vision Goggles/Monoculars, including AN/PVS 14/15, to enable them to see in total darkness. They are the dream of every operator: Fusion technology on existing night vision systems. Entry into a totally dark building is fully possible on 100% thermal vision without the need to use any light source.

ClipIR® is lightweight, ultra-miniature, rugged, waterproof and functions for up to 4.5 hours off a single internal AA battery in full ambient temperature extremes, removing the need for cumbersome external batteries. Operating at 50Hz, ClipIR® features superior optical design for wide-matched I2 field of view, giving optimum situational awareness, image enhancement and simple operation under all conditions.

  • Compatible with most Night Vision Goggles
  • Ultra lightweight construction
  • Rugged, waterproof, proven technology.
  • Variable brightness for full range of dark conditions: Urban | Desert | Cave
  • Superior optical design for matched fields of view
  • 384x288 pixel, 25 micron, Amorphous Silicon uncooled long wave detector for 40% more coverage compared to 320x240 detectors.
  • 50 Hz real time image update with image alignment to ensure perfect registration between I2/IR
  • Simple field operation.
  • Left or Right eye mounting
  • Image enhancement for optimum fusion of I2 and IR depending on relative sensor responses
  • Edge outline and pulsed phase mode to assist target identification and location
  • Fixed focus, athermalized objective lens for perfect focus under all conditions
  • Specifications

    Sensor 384 x 288 Amorphous Silicon 25 micron uncooled LWIR microbolometer
    Non-Uniformity Correction XTi Shutterless Technology®
    Refresh Rate 50 Hz
    Optics Fixed focus, f/1.2 athermalized lens, 40° FoV (matched I2)
    Field of View (FoV) 40°
    Internal Display 800 x 600 OLED
    Internal Battery 1 x AA
    Battery Life 4.5 hours @ 0°C to 50°C
    2.5 hours @ -40°C
    No external battery required
    Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +50°C
    Attachment Left or Right Eye - Quick Release Fitting
    Size 115 x 40 x 75 mm (Max)
    4.5 x 1.6 x 2.95 inch (Max)
    Weight 150 g (5.3 oz) including battery
    Controls ON / OFF switch
    Rotary push knob for all functions (left / right hand with gloves on)
    Functions Continuously variable brightness (I2 / IR blend)
    Edge enhancement
    Contour mode
    Phase pulse mode
    2 / IR continuous X-Y alignment adjustment
    Polarity inversion
    On-screen battery and status indicators
    *Disclaimer: ClipIR® is not for sale or use in the USA

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