Vision Nocturne et Caméras Thermiques : ECHO/ECHO+


The ECHO/ECHO+ is the latest technology in intensified night vision. ECHO/ECHO+ is specifically designed to address the stringent requirements of today users. Only ECHO/ECHO+ can offer ultra-fast Auto-Gating, the smallest halo and unrivalled spectral range from ultraviolet to near infrared. Gain the unfair advantage in the darkest nights, in all terrain and operations. Get the best DRI range and be the first to see.

Lahoux Optics uniquely offers the ECHO+ with FOM 1800-2000 in the Lahoux LV-81, the Lahoux Hemera and the Lahoux D-545, including ATG and EGAC.

  • Best DRI range
  • Smallest halo
  • Ultra-Fast Auto-Gating
  • Spectral range from 400nm to 1000nm
  • Non-ITAR product
  • Technical Specifications

      4G Intens ECHO+ ECHO
    Gain 10.000-20.000 cd/m2/lx
    FOM >2000 (only for government) 1800-2000 <1800
    Phosphor P43 (also available in P22 and Onyx)
    Operational Life time 10.000 hours
    HALO 0.7mm
    E.B.I. 0.15 -0.25 µlx