The ICU (Intensified Camera Unit) is a new generation of low light level, fully automatic, gated intensified CMOS camera. With it's technology, small package size and low power consumption the ICU is a very powerful tool to meet the demanding requirements of today's defence imaging systems.

It provides exceptional video performance at illumination levels from full sunlight to overcast starlight and combines proprietary built-in protection of the image intensifier tube, which is unique in its market.

A suite of image-enhancing features including anti-blooming, noise reduction, image sharpening, real-time image defect photometric correction and dynamic contrast enhancement provide unique capabilities to maximize camera performance in all environmental conditions, from remote unlit terrain to urban zones.

The 'snap-shot' and 'multi-frame' exposure modes make it ideal for under-cover surveillance operations and abandoned cameras for law enforcement and special operations where power consumption constraints are paramount.

The ICU primarily targets Soldier Modernization Programs for helmet mounted systems, night vision vehicle driver's viewers, digital aviator's night vision goggles, UAV payloads, active laser gated systems for long range imaging, observation and surveillance systems for law enforcement.


  • Auto exposure / Auto gain
  • Automatic digital image correction
  • Anti-blooming correction
  • Optional features

  • Image sharpening
  • Digital zoom (2×) with full resolution
  • Symbol insertion (real time text, graphics)
  • Enhanced signal to noise at low light levels (down to 0.1μlx)
  • Snapshot mode (640×480)
  • Digital control package for external synchronization for laser gated imaging
  • Extended intrascene dynamic range (85 dB)
  • C-mount adaptor / special connectors