Lahoux LM-11


The thermal imaging monocular Lahoux LM-11 is a compact device that has been designed to observe areas irrespective of available light for human or wildlife presence. It is also possible to remotely check buildings and vehicles.

The monocular has a 356 x 256 or 640 x 512 pixels passive uncooled detector and a 55 mm manual focus lens.

The Lahoux LM-11 has a high resolution colour display with diopter correction. The monocular has a 2x and 4x digital zoom enlargement factor. Several color schemes allow the user to choose the optimum representation in different circumstances. Fast start up time and low power consumption allow the operator to observe for a long period of time. The batteries can be changed in seconds and the system is designed to be waterproof according to IP67.

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the Lahoux LM-11 with 55mm lens is from 3.245,- including 21% VAT.


Resolution 336 x 256 640 x 512
Pixel size 17 µm
Spectral range 7,5-13,5 µm
Sensitivity (NETD) <60 mK <50 mK
Sensitivity(NETD) Elite version <30 mK
Lens 55 mm 55 mm
Field of view (hxv) 5.9°x4.5° 11,3°x9°
Relative aperture F/1.2
Eye relief 25 mm
Diopter correction -6 to +2
Video output PAL or NTSC (optional)
Display AMOLED, 800 x 600
Operational Parameters
Operating temperature range -40°C to 80°C
Battery life 6-8h
Dimensions(mm) 183x52x80 183x52x80
Weight 560 g 560g

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