Le D-552 est une lunette de tir nocturne


  • Observation / Night hunting
  • Patrolling and site protection
  • Special modification for law enforcement
  • Features

  • Multifunctionality: use with a daytime binoculars, photo / video equipment and the day rifle scope
  • Installed night vision riflescope attachments in front of a daytime riflescope do not affect the latter’s zeroing
  • Keep all tactical capacities of a day riflescope intact
  • Gen II+, III or XR-5 image intensifier tube
  • Specially designed night time fast optics
  • Brightness control (option) (EGAC)
  • The inner objective focusing (from 10m to infinity)
  • High quality image within the entire field of view
  • Built-in high-power eye-safe IR illuminator
  • Waterproof
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Caractéristiques

    Grossissement 1x
    Champ de vision 8.8°
    Objectif 78 mm F/1.5, T/1.6
    Distance dégagement oculaire 25mm
    Dimensions 215 x 66 x 88mm
    Poids 0.65kg
    Alimentation 1x CR123A
    Voltage 3V
    Durée de vie des piles 1h
    Ocular diameter 34mm
    Tube Intensificateur d'Image
    Type Gen. II+, III, XR-5
    Photo sensibilité 540-1800µA/lm
    Gain 25000-45000cd/m²/lx
    Résolution 57-64lp/mm
    Conditions de travail
    Température -40 °C - +50 °C°C
    Humidité relative < 98%